HIGHTECH Success for the intermediary

A true financial advisor is busy working with customers. That is why automation lags behind. Using a tried and tested method, you can modernise your office without huge investments, while turnover grows.

Smart Automation

Huge Cost Savings

Without Substantial Risks

Don't wait too long

Provide a clear roadmap to digitise your entire company. Your customer expects more and more services online. And the competition is already doing it professionally. So, please avoid doing it on the side. Experienced professionals can take you to the future in clear steps. That will prevent value loss in your business portfolio or your services from becoming too expensive.

If you want to remain profitable as a broker or intermediary, you need to automate your processes a.s.a.p. !

but that's quite the challenge...

- Where do you start?

- Will business continue in the mean time?

- What will be my return?

- And how much does that cost?

- How will this affect my customer?

- And do I have to develop everything myself?

Bengrip's tried and tested method ensures that the office is modernised through practical steps. Applies to MGA''s, Brokers and Intermediaries. Without major risks and investments, but with guaranteed success.

The plan to digitise your office

1. Structure

On the basis of an extensive intake, we determine together which steps we will take at the front side of business. But also, in what order will back office processes be automated.

2. Increases Sales

By designing the marketing cleverly, we immediately start working on online turnover or hot leads for sales. Customers notice the progress immediately.

3. Digitizes Processes

Based on priorities, we look at the first administrative processes. Which processes can be made more efficient by automating them? The degree of efficiency determines the order.


We start with your current business. How is the portfolio structured, and where are the biggest earnings? And we look at the biggest costs. Or rather, where does most of your people’s time go? We place this in a clear efficiency matrix.

This immediately shows where the greatest opportunities for growth lie, but also where the greatest opportunities for savings lie. In fact, this gives us a priority overview for both the front and the back end.

Next, we strengthen the foundation under commerce. Because from there, we can set up sales funnels that lead to more turnover, but which are also continuously measurable. These efforts must lead to more turnover. And, of course, we are going to simultaniously automate that turnover as much as possible. 

The turnover and costs determine whether there is room for further steps in the field of automation. The degree of savings determines the order of approach. Not automating the entire office at once, but gradually, without large capital injections. Success assured!

Not sure whether this tried and tested method will work for your office? Then give us a call. Then we can explain further. Or we can visit you to discuss the possibilities.

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